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Elena Doulgerakis

Hey, I'm Elena, a passionate personal trainer from Greece with a background in martial arts, particularly taekwondo. From national to international competitions, I've explored various martial arts and team sports, learning the essence of perseverance through injuries and setbacks.

My purpose is to guide you through rehabilitation, strength training, women's health, and more. I believe in a personalized, holistic approach to fitness. Tailoring programs to your unique needs, I ensure a comprehensive wellness journey that's engaging and sustainable. Together, we'll celebrate milestones and tackle obstacles.
Growing up in a fitness-oriented environment, I've always had a passion for health and wellness. Becoming a personal trainer stemmed from my desire to positively impact lives. Establishing my business was driven by a wish to be a role model and provide top-notch services with flexibility and independence.

My training philosophy revolves around personalized workouts, understanding individual needs, and ensuring motivation and progress. I focus on individual attention, technique refinement, and ongoing support. I offer various options like small group classes and online coaching to suit different preferences and schedules.
Handling clients with varying fitness levels and limitations requires an adaptable approach. From initial assessments to ongoing support and safety precautions, I aim for progress while prioritizing safety and individual needs.

My ultimate goal is to leave a positive and lasting impact. I aim to be remembered for my positivity, assistance to others, innovation, education, leadership, and leaving a legacy of values and personal growth.

In terms of focus areas, I specialize in:
• Women's health
• Rehabilitation
• Weight loss
• Flexibility
• Balance and Stability
• Strength and Conditioning
• Athletes
• Overall Health

My specialties encompass:
• Mind and body health
• Group classes
• Enhancing strength, fitness, and speed

This wide range ensures a holistic and tailored approach to suit various fitness needs and aspirations.

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